Ever seen this playing online blackjack?

Ever seen this playing online blackjack?

If you’ve only ever played RNG online blackjack you won’t ever have seen anything like the below video… a real shuffle of actual playing cards by a human dealer.

Live blackjack shuffles are employed pretty regularly – in fact most casinos enforce re-shuffles approximately mid shoe to prevent card counters from penetrating the deck and winning too much money.  The typical live blackjack shoe consists of 8 decks of playing cards and the cut card will invariably be placed after the 4th deck by the dealer (keep an eye on it in the below video!)

And the best bit about shuffles/re-shuffles at live casinos is that (unless you’re recording them for your blog!) you can swap tables at the click of a mouse you never really have to wait while the dealer shuffles up!

The below video was recorded at Unibet.

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