Instant play live casinos

Instant play live casinos

Now I’m not talking about your eagerness to load and play games here, but rather how you get to access the casino games; so lets just to clear up any definitional confusion from the outset.

The means by which you access online casino games, both RNG and live may be divide into 2 categories:

  1. those that must be downloaded, and
  2. those that can be played directly from your browser.

Where a download is required, you have to actually download and install the casino executable file onto your computer.  The software will come with a whole bunch of games and menu options that you don’t necessarily need or want…and then of course there’s an issue of download time.

Instant play games allow you to play the games directly from your browser with no software installation required.  For live games, instant or browser play options at casinos typically let you load individual games and play them from your browser.  So you simply click the ‘play link blackjack’ or ‘play lie roulette’ at the casino website and bang…the game loads in seconds (depending on your connection) ready to play.

It’s just faster and more convenient. And call me a bit paranoid, but I just like to limit the number of programs I am loading up on my clunky old computer.  It’s a bit like the Little Engine that Could and on its last legs.

Now in terms of game functionality and look and feel, while some platforms and game types lose some bells and whistles when played in browser play mode, for live games in the main, and certainly with regard to the below listed options, nothing is lost.  Games functions, graphics, video quality, security etc…it’s all the same.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, what I’m trying to say is, where you have an instant play option, take it.

So which live casinos offer instant play?  Here they are…

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