What is it?
Casino gaming doesn’t get too much simpler than this.  Pick your bet before the deal starts – either Player, Banker, Tie or one of the other offered bets:
- Perfect pair
- Banker pair
- Player pair
- Big
- Small
- Either pair
…and pretty much let the dealer do the rest.  Payouts vary according to the bet chosen, but there is no decision making or strategy involved once the deal starts.

In terms of house edge considerations, the Banker bet is touted by respected game mathematicians as the best bet, despite the 5% vigorish (house commission) it loses.

In terms of table layout, Mini-baccarat is a cut down version of the full 7 seat standard baccarat table.

Where can it be played live?
Pretty much take your pick.  Almost all live casinos will offer a form of mini-baccarat.  Here are some of our favorites:
| William Hill | bet365 | Unibet | 32 Red

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