No limit live blackjack?

No limit live blackjack?

Not a post that will concern 99.99% of us, but for the really high rollers out there take note…you can now play live blackjack with absolutely no table limits.

bet365 are adding what they are calling ‘Unlimited Blackjack’ to their live casino.

Looks like they waited until Kerry Packer was no longer with us before taking this bold and potentially lucrative but also potentially costly step.  For those who don’t know who Kerry Packer is, he is rumored to have closed a couple of London casinos in his time with big wins.  Of course he also added substantially to the bottom line of others when lady luck wasn’t sitting beside him.

Game format will be consistent with the standard blackjack game (ie blackjack pays 3:2, dealt from an 8 deck shoe etc).

To any who take it on best of luck!

To visit the casino, click their logo left.

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