What is it?
Live progressive baccarat offers a side bet into a progressive jackpot, or other jackpot values as shown displayed in the game pay table.

You can choose to ignore the progressive game if you wish and simply play the standard ‘Player’, ‘Banker’ or ‘Tie’ bets.

If you do take the progressive side bet, you are looking for a special Tie to win the progressive or other jackpots as follows:

Banker and Player have same suit Ace +8: Progressive
Banker and Player both suited Ace +8: 10000:1
Banker and Player Ace +8: 1000:1
Natural 9:     25:1
Natural 8:     20:1
Natural 7 :    15:1
Natural 6:     10:1

Where can it be played live?
In-running live baccarat is offered by Playtech licensee casinos taking games served out of Playtech’s Asian dealer rooms.  Our favorite of these is bet365.

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